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Location: 650 Elderberry DR, MILPITAS, CA 95035
Type: Condominium
MLS: South Bay Area and The Peninsula
MLS#: 81651735
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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 650 Elderberry NHD.pdf   2017-05-16 12:07:112,840 Kb
 650 Elderberry Prelim.pdf   2017-05-16 12:06:54254 Kb
 650 Elderberry HOA Docs 1.pdf   2017-05-16 12:52:157,703 Kb
 650 Elderberry HOA Docs 2.pdf   2017-05-16 12:52:135,926 Kb
 Offer Summary Form..pdf   2017-05-16 12:54:3147 Kb
 650 Elderberry Termite Report.pdf   2017-05-16 13:14:55465 Kb
 650 Elderberry Home Inspection.pdf   2017-05-16 13:14:572,774 Kb
 650 Elderberry Disclosure Packet.pdf   2017-05-19 10:13:426,224 Kb
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