About Us

Mike and the Genesis Team have been involved in helping people with their real estate needs since 1999.  Mike has successfully negotiated hundreds of purchases/sales for clients, annually being in the area's Top 1% of Realtors,  and has enjoyed the relationships he has built with his clients over these years!
Our office is centrally located in the Silicon Valley, right next to the Apple Computer campus in Cupertino.  Mike moved to the area in 1984 and has been able to offer helpful insight to the various areas all throughout the Santa Clara County.
Our first concern is to make sure that we sit down with the client to make sure we can help them with what they are trying to accomplish.  If Mike feels that this can be done, then we will lay out a game plan to best reach the desired results.  Mike's mantra is "No Surprises", so he works hard to make sure that this is accomplished through the process with each client.
You will not be disappointed with our services, so send us an email or give us a call today to get started!

Thank You!